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Château Cats

Early in our restoration project Mark was walking across the courtyard when he heard the distant crying of kittens coming from the hay loft above the stables. On finding a very long ladder and prying open the very old door he found...


4 very hungry kittens, approximately 4 weeks old as their ears were up and their eyes were open.

Mark took on feeding them 3 times a day rain or shine!

Occasionally mummy cat visited and was also very hungry.

Prying the heavy door open during inclement weather whilst balancing on the top of the 5m ladder holding water and food became very dangerous.

Barbara decided to empty the detritus from the stair tower allowing safer access to the hay loft.

Shortly after this mummy cat decided to move the kittens from the hay loft to under a bramble bush during a thunder storm.

This forced our decision to adopt 4 kittens.

 As mummy cat was feral we caught her and took her to the vets for a health check and to be neutered.

This meant no other surprise kittens in our barns.

The 4 kittens were suffering from fleas and worms, but after treatment were very happy living in our Château.

At 6 months they were also neutered (all girls) and then allowed to have the run of the grounds.

They all have different characters and have at last made friends with Milly & Molly our English cats.

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